Practical Environmental Consulting

We provide environmental engineering advisory to projects. We are the environmental consultant you’ve always wished for, providing in-depth technical knowledge communicated in easy to understand and practical ways. Our expertise includes;

  • Site Investigation planning and management
  • Contaminated land assessment
  • Landfill capping advice
  • Environmental auditing & inspections
  • EPA licensing/ works approvals and compliance
  • Project tendering & process development
  • Environmental data management
  • Sample collection & reporting – soil, groundwater, air/dust
  • Non-destructive digging waste management
  • Soil classification & management

We Integrate with your team

We integrate into your organisation to become a true partner. We are on-site early and care genuinely about the outcomes of the projects which we work on.
The trust we build with our clients is why we have such strong relationships with those we work with.

We offer a flexible service

Our service is flexible. We scale up and down as our clients require. We are responsive and can react quickly to solve our client’s problems. Our process is to assess each project individually and provide the right level of service to meet each project’s requirements.

Innovation framework

Our business has been designed to innovate. Our team structure, Blue Sky Projects framework, and focus on iterative learning means we are built to invent. This is how we improve our service and bring additional value to our clients to give them an edge.

Hazelwood Power Station Mine Rehabilitation Works

Hazelwood Power Station Mine Rehabilitation Works

FSC Environmental has had an ongoing relationship with the mine assisting with planning, design advice, scheduling, environmental consulting, project delivery and high-level feasibility studies of various projects.

FSC has recently completed a feasibility and constructability study at the mine for the Eastern Overburden Dump (EOD) Rehabilitation project which encompasses landfill capping design advice and construction supervision, landform remediation & profiling, contaminated surface/groundwater management analysis of proposed construction techniques, schedule review, and recommendations for improvements and risk mitigation strategies.

Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA)
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Rail Infrastructure Alliance (RIA)

FSC Environmental has assisted RIA by undertaking the design, EPA approval, construction and operational management of a non-destructive digging (NDD) spoil management and separation facility.

The facility uses a series of sedimentation containers and filters to separate the water/soil elements of the NDD waste for subsequent re-use or disposal along with contaminant removal should known impacts leach into supernatant process water.

The facility was designed to manage all NDD waste produced by the project, including Category C, B and A Prescribed Industrial Waste in lieu of disposing NDD waste to landfill, enabling significant cost savings and positive sustainability outcomes to the project.

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