Creating an Environmental Management Plan

Creating an Environmental Management Plan

FSC recently worked together with our client, an industrial facility owner/operator, to create an Environmental Management Plan. Our client operates under an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) license and was looking for assistance to navigate through the changes brought about by the revised Victorian Environmental Framework, released in July 2021. This article details the collaborative efforts in developing a robust Environmental Management Plan to meet the updated EPA license requirements.

The Regulatory Landscape:

In response to the legislative amendments in the Environment Protection Act, the EPA changed the conditions of industrial licensees to better align with the General Environmental Duty. FSC conducted a review of the additional requirements and provided technical advice on the required documentation and monitoring programs.

The Collaborative Risk Management and Monitoring Program (RMMP):

This led to FSC’s development of a Risk Management and Monitoring Program. This ensures compliance with the legislation with the primary objective of identifying potential risks to health and the environment. The RMMP goes beyond identification, providing a program for managing environmental measures, monitoring, and performance objectives. This holistic approach ensures that the ongoing operation of the industrial facility aligns with EPA Victoria’s guidance, legislation, and licensing amendments.

Decommissioning Plan:

In addition to the RMMP, FSC has assisted our client in the development of a Decommissioning Plan. This plan serves as a blueprint for the responsible discontinuation of operations when necessary, highlighting dedication to long-term environmental sustainability.

Monitoring Programs:

Acknowledging the importance of water, air and noise quality, our client has implemented regular monitoring programs for groundwater, surface water (onsite and offsite) and noise. By staying ahead of potential environmental impacts, the client ensures that its operations, guided by FSC’s expertise, do not compromise their land or the surrounding environment.

Providing Environmental Advice:

FSC, as a dedicated service provider, goes beyond mere compliance; they actively engage in providing environmental advice to their clients to ensure environmentally responsible practices, contributing to broader environmental sustainability goals.

Do you require an environmental management plan? Or are you ready to drive better environmental outcomes at your facility/project? For more information, get in touch with FSC’s environmental team here.

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