Behind the scenes at FSC – The Connected Project

Behind the scenes at FSC – The Connected Project

Lachlan Smith

Lachlan Smith


Every great piece of infrastructure has one thing in common…they all began with designers, engineers, labourers and construction professionals. Well, most did – the success of a project (and the ability to deliver on time, and on budget) is heavily dependent on the quality of project management and engineering services on the project. 

Long gone are the days with rooms full of people drafting by hand, important documents or resources going missing, or simply kicking off a project with some optimism that it’ll ‘just work out’. Today we can do so much better than that. We can save scarce resources, time and money by coupling technology and people throughout our process. Enter: the connected project. 

What is the connected project?

The ‘connected project’ is a focus in the industry, yet few do it well. The connected project at its most basic form connects resources throughout the project in real time, no matter where they’re located. Think visibility on costs, plans, labour, materials, productivity, safety and environmental performance all in one central hub (in our case – Bridge Road, Richmond). 

What are the benefits?

A single-view of our jobs drives efficiency. Real time reporting allows for problems to be solved at the time they arise. When well-thought-through and embedded into your company’s culture, the connected project provides scalable benefits. 

  • Real-time monitoring –  Knowing where your resources are in real-time is invaluable when it comes to project work. If we hit a roadblock, we can easily look at where our resources are, pull in expertise and adjust accordingly. This goes a long way to driving productivity, passing on cost savings to our clients. We can also be proactive in our communications and drive better safety standards. 
  • Digital documentation – When information is available in the cloud, it makes things so much simpler. Documents available in the office, on site, or from wherever you are around the globe saves follow-ups, time and things from going missing. Whether it’s permits, reports, plans, or models – access to critical information at the moment you need it keeps us on track. 
  • Quality assurance – Managing quality correctly is critical in any infrastructure project. Make a mistake and it could bring your project to a grinding halt, or cost a significant amount to resolve. With live tracking of QA, we can ensure compliance at every step of a project. Storing our documentation in the cloud makes the sign off process smooth and convenient. We also have our documents geographically represented on maps,making them easy to locate when needed.  

Why FSC is different

FSC was born out of a determination to do better. In fact, Our team structure, Blue Sky Projects framework, and focus on iterative learning means we are uniquely positioned to continuously innovate. In an industry plagued by burn out, our focus on our people is our difference.   

The connected project is more to us than transparency across our projects. We take it upon ourselves to go even further. We do this by being able to deliver holistic solutions, timely advice and expertise across the whole project lifecycle. We provide Project Management, Design and Environmental consulting services across the following sectors: 

  • Transport Infrastructure – Road, rail, bridge, tunnelling, marine and air infrastructure.
  • Resources & Mining – Mine development, operation and remediation, including planning, bulk earthworks and capital infrastructure.
  • Environmental Remediation – Soil contamination, water quality, landfill construction and land remediation.
  • Utilities – Utility installation, maintenance and lifecycle management.
  • Water Infrastructure – Waterways, water sensitive urban design, potable water and recycled water.
  • Technology – Design and delivery of custom software and hardware for the construction and engineering sectors, as well as integrating engineering software into clients’ systems. 
  • Renewable Energy – Planning and constructing power assets, including generation, transmission and storage. 

Expertise across sectors allows us to deliver a great client experience. We can draw on expertise whether it’s a planned part of a project, or if an issue presents that needs a quick, efficient solution. 

Innovation at FSC

At FSC, we know that if you’re not growing…you’re dying. But growth to us is more than new projects and ventures – we’re primarily focussed on our people. We see the individual, work for the team and believe the best results come when having fun. 

Fun in this instance doesn’t mean heading to the pub for a pot and parma (although we do love that). Fun means getting hands on, taking calculated risks and challenging the status quo. When we do this, we take learnings from certain projects and can apply them to new ones, giving our clients the best possible experience.  

We connect all the parts of our business, and we want all our people to have access to everyone’s knowledge. Here’s just a couple of ways we do this:  

  • Fortnightly webinars – young or old, new or a veteran, everyone has something they can teach our team. By sharing, we not only help reinforce our own knowledge, but we empower others to discover what interests them to add to their own skill set. 
  • Internal knowledge base – Forget Wikipedia. For all our engineering know-how, our team turns to our very own FSC-Wiki. We have our own guides, how tos, lessons learnt from projects and more.

If you have a project that you would like help on, we’d love to hear from you.

We help our clients take infrastructure from paper to reality. Get in touch today to see how we can help you. 

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