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Sedimentation Tanks: New NDD Waste Treatment System

Sedimentation Tanks: New NDD Waste Treatment System

NDD waste disposal has been a major environmental issue and cost burden on infrastructure projects, and the use of NDD techniques continues to grow.

FSC has applied gravity sedimentation techniques to treat NDD waste through the design and construction of an onsite, modular, EPA approved treatment facility. Our new innovative system, to deal with this issue, has now been brought to a major project in Victoria, designed and constructed by FSC and its construction partner, Carey Civil.

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Design Innovation – Now Operational On-site

FSC conceived an alternative solution to taking NDD waste offsite and disposing of it at a purpose-built, EPA licensed facility, for the Rail Infrastructure Alliance. The solution comes in the form of a modular tank system with adjacent drying pad that makes use of sedimentation to separate the liquid and solid proponents within NDD waste. Solids are dried, tested and classified, with the majority of residual solids reused onsite.
Liquids, which constitute the largest part of the NND waste, are tested and currently reused within the project for irrigation and dust suppression. Utilising this facility, significantly reduces the need for offsite disposal of waste, producing significant cost savings and a positive sustainability outcome.

Where to from here?

Given that the facility has been successfully operation for 6 months, FSC is now in discussions with other infrastructure projects about implementing additional systems across Victoria and we’re excited to make a positive sustainability difference to the infrastructure sector.

For more information on this system or if you would like to talk to FSC about the initiative, get in touch with our Environmental Team here.

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